The Heartbeat of My Story

Have you ever been to a doctors appointment that makes you just want to run away? I had to go for an appointment with a cardiologist today after I’d been having some strange heart palpitations the past few weeks. I hadn’t met the doctor the first time I went in, only the Nurse Practitioner, so he began with the usual questions. What brought me in, what is my health history, etc. Shame washes ... READ FULL POST >>

Why I Write?

I love words. I could sit in a place like this and write forever (sadly I am not in Colorado Springs as I type, but I can dream, right?) I love writing words, reading words, soaking them in and letting them roam around in my head. I have always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always thought that I’d love to write, but I’ve never admitted it out loud because it seemed like such a silly goal. Who, ... READ FULL POST >>