Loss….and the dance of grief

In December, while cleaning up at my mom's house after the kids had decorated cookies, my mom received a phone call from my Uncle that my Aunt had passed away very unexpectedly that morning. When the phone rings and you take that call, for a brief moment the world stops spinning. We were all there, my two sisters and I, and all of our 6 kiddos were scattered about and we all froze. Shock, ... READ FULL POST >>

Sometimes the Holidays Hurt

The holiday season is upon us I can’t help but think about the family gatherings, the food that is to be shared, and the beautiful sights, sounds, and smells that come at this time of year. With the thought of joyous gatherings comes the reminder of the hurt that can often accompany it. Many experience the disillusionment of family expectations unmet, the hurt of being left out, the reminders of ... READ FULL POST >>

Dear 15-year-old Jackie,

Dear 15-year-old Jackie, I look at this picture of you and I remember walking in your skin like it was yesterday, not 19 years ago. There are days I look in the mirror and I still see you, staring back at me. I say half-heartedly that my eyes are broken, but you are ingrained in my memories. I have so many things I want to tell you, but as I look at this picture of you at 15, I want you to know ... READ FULL POST >>

Haters gonna hate

Last week I got a couple of messages on Facebook in regards to my blog posts. It's always funny to me that people can be so bold as to call you out on your personal story, yet they are afraid to do it in a public forum, instead they message you so as not to be seen. I mean, If any of you know me, I am not a fighter and honestly, I just don’t care to expend any energy on haters. It takes a lot to ... READ FULL POST >>

5 things about me on a Monday morning

1.Jesus is my everything. I began a personal relationship with Jesus when I was a sophomore in High School and I truly grow into an understanding of that every single day. I will never understand it all, never hit a point of not always wondering, always learning, and some days still doubting what my head tells me despite what my heart knows to be true. But I have learned His grace is so much ... READ FULL POST >>