Unpacking 2016…

As the days roll forward into a new year and 2015 becomes a distant memory...I keep looking upon my (somewhat) empty calendar lying before me and wonder how I will feel at this time next year. What will 2016 have meant to me? To summarize 2015 in a few words it would be this...moving on. There were ups and downs in 2015. There were seasons I learned a lot about who I am, and seasons I sat in a ... READ FULL POST >>

I blinked and Thanksgiving was gone…

Wow, I say each year that I feel like time flies, but I am not sure whats happening this year. I'm pretty sure I just packed away last years Christmas decor a few blinks back and here were are....through Thanksgiving and less that two weeks from Christmas. A lot happened in November....my baby turned 6. We celebrated her with a small group of girls at the American Girl Doll Store. They had a ... READ FULL POST >>

Weekend Recap

Today I just want to write a lighthearted post. I have all these heavy ideas swirling around in my head, but for today, I am sitting here at my local Starbucks, loving listening to the community sitting around me that is strangers become friends and I'm just going to write about our weekend. /// This weekend was relaxing for our family since we had a sick kid at home. Friday Kate's school called ... READ FULL POST >>

5 things about me on a Monday morning

1.Jesus is my everything. I began a personal relationship with Jesus when I was a sophomore in High School and I truly grow into an understanding of that every single day. I will never understand it all, never hit a point of not always wondering, always learning, and some days still doubting what my head tells me despite what my heart knows to be true. But I have learned His grace is so much ... READ FULL POST >>