Loss….and the dance of grief

In December, while cleaning up at my mom's house after the kids had decorated cookies, my mom received a phone call from my Uncle that my Aunt had passed away very unexpectedly that morning. When the phone rings and you take that call, for a brief moment the world stops spinning. We were all there, my two sisters and I, and all of our 6 kiddos were scattered about and we all froze. Shock, ... READ FULL POST >>

Unpacking 2016…

As the days roll forward into a new year and 2015 becomes a distant memory...I keep looking upon my (somewhat) empty calendar lying before me and wonder how I will feel at this time next year. What will 2016 have meant to me? To summarize 2015 in a few words it would be this...moving on. There were ups and downs in 2015. There were seasons I learned a lot about who I am, and seasons I sat in a ... READ FULL POST >>

my one word for 2016….CHOOSE

We are well on our way into the New Year...it's 2016 and I have ushered my littles off to school again for another semester and found my comfortable spot at Starbucks to stop and reflect. 2016 So often we start out each New Year with great goals, "resolutions," great intentions to do great things, and come February we beat ourselves up when we haven't quite made it. In years past I have made ... READ FULL POST >>

I blinked and Thanksgiving was gone…

Wow, I say each year that I feel like time flies, but I am not sure whats happening this year. I'm pretty sure I just packed away last years Christmas decor a few blinks back and here were are....through Thanksgiving and less that two weeks from Christmas. A lot happened in November....my baby turned 6. We celebrated her with a small group of girls at the American Girl Doll Store. They had a ... READ FULL POST >>

Weekend Recap

Today I just want to write a lighthearted post. I have all these heavy ideas swirling around in my head, but for today, I am sitting here at my local Starbucks, loving listening to the community sitting around me that is strangers become friends and I'm just going to write about our weekend. /// This weekend was relaxing for our family since we had a sick kid at home. Friday Kate's school called ... READ FULL POST >>

Haters gonna hate

Last week I got a couple of messages on Facebook in regards to my blog posts. It's always funny to me that people can be so bold as to call you out on your personal story, yet they are afraid to do it in a public forum, instead they message you so as not to be seen. I mean, If any of you know me, I am not a fighter and honestly, I just don’t care to expend any energy on haters. It takes a lot to ... READ FULL POST >>

Why I Write?

I love words. I could sit in a place like this and write forever (sadly I am not in Colorado Springs as I type, but I can dream, right?) I love writing words, reading words, soaking them in and letting them roam around in my head. I have always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always thought that I’d love to write, but I’ve never admitted it out loud because it seemed like such a silly goal. Who, ... READ FULL POST >>