Dear 15-year-old Jackie,

Dear 15-year-old Jackie, I look at this picture of you and I remember walking in your skin like it was yesterday, not 19 years ago. There are days I look in the mirror and I still see you, staring back at me. I say half-heartedly that my eyes are broken, but you are ingrained in my memories. I have so many things I want to tell you, but as I look at this picture of you at 15, I want you to know ... READ FULL POST >>

5 things about me on a Monday morning

1.Jesus is my everything. I began a personal relationship with Jesus when I was a sophomore in High School and I truly grow into an understanding of that every single day. I will never understand it all, never hit a point of not always wondering, always learning, and some days still doubting what my head tells me despite what my heart knows to be true. But I have learned His grace is so much ... READ FULL POST >>

The Heartbeat of My Story

Have you ever been to a doctors appointment that makes you just want to run away? I had to go for an appointment with a cardiologist today after I’d been having some strange heart palpitations the past few weeks. I hadn’t met the doctor the first time I went in, only the Nurse Practitioner, so he began with the usual questions. What brought me in, what is my health history, etc. Shame washes ... READ FULL POST >>