Weekend Recap

(this was my view heading to take the girls to school this morning....just glorious!)

(Y’all, the sky this morning-glorious!)

Today I just want to write a lighthearted post. I have all these heavy ideas swirling around in my head, but for today, I am sitting here at my local Starbucks, loving listening to the community sitting around me that is strangers become friends and I’m just going to write about our weekend.


This weekend was relaxing for our family since we had a sick kid at home. Friday Kate’s school called and said she had a headache so I picked her up a little early and on the way to pick big sister up from school she fell asleep in the car. She NEVER sleeps in the car, so I knew she wasn’t feeling great. As the evening wore on she seemed to be better, but not as perky as usual. She ended up running over 103 degree temp by that night and I promptly made her a doctor appointment Saturday morning (thank goodness for weekend doctor hours.) We were in and out with a diagnoses of step throat, then headed to pick up antibiotics to get her on her way to healing quick. She perked up rather fast after the Advil knocked her fever down. But even with feeling better, she was extra cuddly on Saturday and I’ll never not love those moments.


Since we were just hanging out at home most of Saturday we decided to try to finish the puzzle we started a few weeks back. My girls have really done so much of this, its been neat to work on it together with them, as this is the first puzzle they really pitched in to help with.


We also continued on with our Christmas decorating downstairs. I may have put up our tree last week since I had to buy a new one after last year’s pre-lit tree no longer lit itself. Once my girls saw it in the garage they were begging for us to decorate the tree…what better way to spend a lazy, rainy Saturday than to decorate for Christmas. We have a healthy mix of pumpkins, reindeer, and nativities scattered around the house, intermingling the two holidays for now. After Thanksgiving has passed, the pumpkins will make their way back to the attic and more Christmas will pour itself out.


The months of November and December contain my favorite sounds, smells, and decorations of the year, so I am always excited to decorate. I love the warmth of winter, the mornings to sit by the fire, sipping coffee and cuddling with my family, soaking in the still that hangs in the cool air. In all the rushing of the season that is pressed upon us, I like to sit and relax as many mornings as I can when my girls are off for the holidays. So personally I like to have all my decorating done before the season starts so as to try to avoid the added stress that seems to loom at this time of year. We are about done decorating at this point, except that Kate has worked all weekend on some homemade garland to hang anywhere I will let her 🙂


Sunday we made it to church and Kate was feeling a lot better by then, honestly, you would have never known she’d been sick. Her fever broke on Saturday afternoon and it was uphill from there. I only took her to the evening service and she sat with me, but it was good to worship and in be in the presence of my church family and the Lord.


She’s back at school today, feeling much better and ready to see he friends again. I am back at writing and catching up with house cleaning and laundry from this weekend. I hope this week finds you well, we are experiencing a bit of cool mornings here in Houston and for that my heart is light. I pulled on a sweater and smiled this morning. I love the cool (not cold) weather!

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