Why I Write?


I love words. I could sit in a place like this and write forever (sadly I am not in Colorado Springs as I type, but I can dream, right?)

I love writing words, reading words, soaking them in and letting them roam around in my head. I have always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always thought that I’d love to write, but I’ve never admitted it out loud because it seemed like such a silly goal. Who, me? Write? I don’t think so, and really, who’d want to read anything I have to say? Maybe tens of you read this, then whats the point?


So I thought through my fears about writing and took it all the way to the end, to the worst case scenario and guess what? Worst case scenario is I write, not a soul reads…and its OKAY! Why am I writing? Well, I feel I have things to say. Some days it may be about my kids and parenting, some days a recipe I made (who are we kidding, my kids are only alive because of Chick fil a,) some days a rant, other days an observation. There are no rules to MY blog. I write to be honest, give a voice to ALL these words in my head, and there are just SO many in there, (my husband will greatly appreciate this.)


I want to have a safe place to talk, to voice what my heart says or hear what yours says. I want to throw off the masks and be us, not the “us” we think the world is telling us to be, but the “us” that we’re scared of what someone else might think if we are honest. Join me here, its safe. There is no judgment. Even if we disagree, we can do so in love and try to see the others perspective. I want to write and not edit for the sake of what someone might think. The beauty is that if you don’t like it or like me, you don’t have to log onto this page ever again.


You are welcome here.  Come, pretend we are grabbing a cup of coffee over a table in a quaint coffee shop in whatever part of town you find yourself, and join me for life. The good, the bad, and the in betweens. May His grace meet each of us where we are and may we extend that same grace to one another.


Hi, I’m Jackie….I’d love to share with you.

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